18 Story Books on Weather for Kids

18 Story Books on Weather for Kids

There’s a riotous energy this time of year: the mad leafing out of plants and trees, crazy bird song at dawn, unruly swarms of biting insects, the palpable freedom of school letting out for summer, and wild weather that can change from snow squalls to thunderstorms within hours. Those first spring storms are greeted with a mixture of excitement and nervousness in our home. Thunder and lightning, rain and the wind, are full of edgy juxtapositions, scary and beautiful, exciting and terrifying, exquisite and destructive.

Nature’s power is clearly evident in weather phenomena and often seems mysterious. But many weather events can be explained in scientific terms, and when packaged with pictures into the safe covers of a book, help kids understand the wild weather that impacts our lives.  Here’s a collection of kids’ books, mostly about riotous forms of stormy weather. I’ve included a short selection of nonfiction titles and a few picture books, starting with brand new work by award-wining children’s book creator, Arthur Geisert…

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Water Cycle Episode on HFVS (11/20/07)

Water Cycle Episode

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11/20/07 Playlist

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This week’s Water Cycle Episode goes out to the Yellow’s (2nd & 3rd graders) at Hilltown Cooperative Community Public School who are studying the water cycle.

We’ve found a few web sites exploring the water cycle that kids and educators might enjoy. Click here to share a water cycle web site/resource you’ve discovered:

  • Thirstin’s Water Cycle – Put out by the EPA; reviews rain, water storage, vapor and clouds through flash video for kids.
  • Droplet – NASA has put together a water cycle game for kids.
  • The Illinois EPA shows how to make a water cycle wheel for kids.
  • Enchanted Learning posted a water cycle diagram that can be used for curriculum planning.
  • The Water Education Foundation has a Water Kids page.
  • ProTeacher! offers water lesson plans that, including the topics of evaporation, water, water cycle and weather.
  • For teachers and homeschoolers, National Geographic has a water lesson plan.

And here’s a cute video for the younger crowd titled, The Cat Who Hated Rain, originally aired on Sesame Street, and animated by Bruce Cayard. A cat wishes the rain away and the consequenses of no rain are illustrated. Appropriate for all ages.


on winning a CD & T-shirt of Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang!


For this week’s contest we’re offering music and the t-shirt from Milkshake. Their t-shirt won a Parent’s Pick from the HFVS T-Shirt Review.

“WGosh!� We are so honored to be one of the winners.� Always a nice thing.� Glad you liked Moo.� Right now she’s pouting in the studio.� Seems Mikel told a bad cow joke (“What do you call a dancing cow?� A milk shake!”)� She wasn’t amused.� So I’m off to make her a sprout sandwich and pour her a tall glass of veggie juice.” – Lisa from Milkshake.

For your chance to win simply post us a comment below. We’ll draw a winner from everyone who leaves a comment. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!  Deadline is 11/27/07 @ 7pm (EST).

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