What Strengthens Your Sense of Place and Community Pride?

Why People Love Where They Live

It’s a happy part of our culture here in western Massachusetts to celebrate all of the things that make our communities so wonderful. We’re constantly celebrating everything from cultural heritage to local food to beautiful landscapes, and it’s easy to identify all of the things that make us love our homes (check out our archived Mash Notes to Paradise posts to see some serious community appreciation). Difficult though it may be to imagine living anywhere else, folks from around the country love their homes just as much as we love ours, and the reasons for their affinity for their communities are as interesting and geographically specific as ours are right here in Massachusetts!

Families can discover the magic within communities across the continent by listening to an archived post of the Hilltown Family Variety Show titled, On the Road. Featuring guest DJ Steve Weeks, the episode features geographically-themed songs alongside brief interviews taped during Weeks’ summer travels all over the United States and Canada. Each interview features information about what makes a particular community special, as told through the perspective of a community member. Interviews come from people in maritime Canada, Las Vegas, New Orleans, the Great Smoky Mountains, the Dakotas, southern California, and other unique locales. Covering nearly all of the corners of the country (and a bonus international location), the episode showcases the wonderful aspects of local culture that are unique to each of the featured locations. Read the rest of this entry »

Road Trip Episode on HFVS (03/18/08)



Road Trip Episode
with Sienna & Persephone

WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA
Tuesday evening @ 7pm

03/18/08 PLAYLIST

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  • Justin Roberts – “Big Field Trip” [Pop Fly]
  • Brady Rymer – “Road Trip” [Here Comes Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could]
  • Charity and the JAMband – “Travelin’ [Rock Your Socks Off]
  • Suzi Shelton – “Goin’ on a Road Trip” [No Ordinary Day]
  • Rebecca Frezza – “Road Trip” [Road Trip]
  • Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck – “Clack-Ity-Clack” [Special Kind of Day]
  • Ellis Paul – “Road Trip” [The Dragonfly Races]
  • Terri Hendrix – “Car Car” [Celebrate the Difference]


This week’s episode goes out to our listeners (and close friends) Tony(a) and her daughter Zoe who are on their own road trip in Europe. We’re waiting to hear all about their adventures and sharing them with you here on Hilltown Families. Until then, click here to read about their plans for traveling abroad.


This week we played a lot of great new music we’ve received recently from Justin Roberts, Brady Rymer, Suzi Shelton and Rebecca Frezza.

Justin Roberts – POP FLY
Pop Fly takes the events of childhood and puts them into play for both kids and adults with lyrics that are engaging and rhythms that are catchy and high-energy. This is Justin’s sixth family music CD. His last CD was the top winner of the Fids & Kamily Awards. Click here to read more. www.justinrobertsmusic.com

Brady Rymer & The Little Band that Could is a CD for and about families, filled with optimism and good vibes! The great news is Brady Rymer has a new CD, and the even greater news is he’s coming with his band for a performance in our area on April 25th. Click here for details. www.bradyrymer.com

Suzi Shelton – NO ORDINARY DAY
No Ordinary Day brings to mind images of Sesame Street from my childhood with it’s clean and simple songs, and playful pop-rock tunes. Her lyrics are honest and sweet, yet sophisticated with rhythms that are upbeat and funky. www.suzishelton.com

Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck – SPECIAL KIND OF DAY
Special Kind of Day celebrates the contrasts of the seasons with a spectrum of musical arrangements and songs that flow into one another. If your kids watch Noggin or PBS Kids I’m sure they’ve seen this band. Rebecca Frezza offers a lot of contrast in her newest album of thirteen brand new songs; songs that are for kids who are too old for pre-school tune but who aren’t yet ready for mainstream adult “pop” music. www.bigtruckmusic.com

A relatively new CD. Click here to read our interview with Ellis Paul.


We’ve been posting our promotional contest to win new music for great indie artists with our HFVS playlist. These contests will continue but they will be in a separate post so as to not get lost with any commentary we may offer from the week’s episode. For this week’s contest either click here or scroll down.

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