Naming of the Lambs & Kids: Hilltown Farm Hosts Naming Contest

Pick Your Favorite Posies &
Help Sangha Farm in Ashfield Name Their Baby Goats & Sheep

Help name the babies! Forward your favorite flower name to Sangha Farm in Ashfield, MA. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Sangha Farm has nine pregnant goats and five pregnant sheep, which means at least 20 babies are on their way — and they really could use some help with naming all their babies!

They have decided on a flower theme this year.  Send them your favorite flower and if they choose it as one of their babies names, they’ll email you a picture of the lamb or kid along with a coupon for a free goat cheese truffle (locally made on their farm and are delicious!), redeemable at the Ashfield or Florence Farmers’ Markets beginning in May.

Babies will be born beginning the first week of March through June. Their ewe Cassie will be the first one to have babies the beginning of March. Being a Finn Sheep she’s probably going to have 4-5 babies, maybe even 6! Births will be announced through Hilltown Families (below in the comment box) and the Sangha Farm’s facebook page.

Keep in mind that they can come up with names like Rose, Petunia and Violet themselves. What they’re looking for are names of lesser known flowers.  So get creative and share your favorite exotic flower or rare New England species. Email your flower name to the Ritchie Family at


We’ll share photos and names here as they arrive: Read the rest of this entry »

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