Q&A: Local Strawberries


Ed Stockman's Summit Farm in Plainfield, MA is a favorite PYO strawberry spot for families living in the Hilltowns. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

It’s Strawberry Season! Share your secret pick-your-own spot to go to with the kids, or favorite farm stand for stocking up on these delicious red jewels!  Here are a few recommendations from families in the area:


  • Sylva Menard writes: Still looking for organic pick-your-own in the area! All searches are turning up fruitless!!
  • Mark Pollard writes: There’s a great organic berry place in Plainfield- u-pick strawberries, raspberries, blueberries. They come into season a little later up here. It’s called Summit Farm and run by Ed Stockman. Call to see when things are available.
  • Robin Sidel writes: Upingil Farm!
  • Amanda Florek writes: Sadowsky farms in Granby on Rt 202.  We went this weekend and there were lots and lots of strawberries!
  • Kosse Feral writes: Our own farm is my favorite spot. 68 acres, all organic. We’re in Westfield if anyone’s interested.
  • Bobbi Tassone writes: Mountain View Farm in Lanesboro, MA – at least I think that’s the right name!!
  • Dana Pilson writes: If you’re ever up in Southwestern VT, Darling Farm, at the end of Palmer Road, has organic strawberries. Mighty Food Farm sells organic strawberries at the Bennington Farmer’s Market, and they are delicious! The Apple Barn in Bennington has pick-your-own, but they’re not organic.
  • Jody Hadden writes: Lakeview in Lanesboro always has wonderful strawberries to pick!!

Still looking for places to pick strawberries with the kids in Western Mass? Check out CISA’s 2010 Locally Grown: Farm Products Guide.

Take the Kids Strawberry Picking

CISA Announces: Strawberry Season has Started!

Locally grown strawberries. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Locally grown strawberries. (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Those delicious red berries are waiting for you. The sweet juicy taste of a locally grown, fresh-picked strawberry beats those well-traveled California berries anytime. You can pick your own at a number of Local Hero farms or pick some up at a local retailer. Just ask someone in the produce section where to find the locally grown strawberries or look for the green and yellow Local Hero logo.

Cooking with Strawberries

Here is a list of strawberry cookbooks to try your hand at making strawberry jams, desserts and more with your kids:

  • Mad About Raspberries & Strawberries, by Jacqueline H’riteau (1984)
  • Simply Strawberries, by Sara Pitzer (1985)
  • Strawberries, by Pamela Allardice (1993)
  • The Strawberry Connection: Strawberry Cookery With Flavour, Fact, And Folklore, compiled by Beatrice Ross Buszek (1984)
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