Kids Reviewed, Parents Approved – The Results are IN!


Collage of all shirt submitted to the HFVS 1st Annual T-shirt ReviewThe results are in! Several weeks ago, Hilltown Families sponsored the Hilltown Family Variety Show’s 1st Annual T-Shirt Review Mini-Fest and Ice Cream Social in West Chesterfield, MA, cosponsored by Silver Screen Design and Grendel Books.

  • Click here to go straight to the tallied results, or just scroll down.
  • Click here for some background on the review, including several posts leading up to and covering the event.
  • Click here to listen to two-hours radio program of music by all the bands who submitted to the reviewed, hosted by Sienna Wildfield from the HFVS and aired on Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child.

T-Shirt Review T-Shirts are available.

The event was not a contest, but rather a review. Not to say that there wasn’t a lot of “buzz” around a few designs. The kids (our “Official Reviewers”) were very attracted to stars, guitars and vivid colors, especially Ben Rudnick & Friends tie-dyed guitar playing alien design, along with the Sippy Cups‘ robot design. And the parents were keen on logos, with Rebecca Frezza‘s Big Truck logo being a top favorite along with Recess Monkey. Parents overwhelmingly found the humor in Milkshake‘s cow illustration, but it seemed to go over the heads of the kids.


AudraRox | Bari Koral Band | Baze and His Silly Friends | Beethoven’s Wig | Ben Rudnick & Friends | Biscuit Brothers | The Bottle Let Me Down (Compilation) | Brady Rymer | Charity and the JAMband | Elizabeth Street | Ellen & Matt | Gustafer Yellowgold | Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang | The Hipwaders | Imagination Movers | Milkshake | Mr. Richard | Music for Aardvarks & Other Mammals | Play! (Compilation) | Pop Rockets | Princess Katie & Racer Steve | Ralph’s World | Rebecca Frezza | Recess Monkey | ScribbleMonster | The Sippy Cups | Soundzania | Steve Weeks | Sugar Free Allstars | Suzi Shelton | Toxic Muffin | Trout Fishing in America | Uncle Moon Dog | Uncle Rock

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