Tasty Top ❥ Ice Cream in the Valley

Mash Notes to Paradise by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Note 27, Tasty Top in Easthampton

Tasty Top in Easthampton, MA (Submitted photo).

While I have never made an exhaustive search nor done a scientific study, I am pretty confident that the following statement holds true: Tasty Top in Easthampton has the best soft serve ice cream in the Pioneer Valley. Please comment below if you disagree with the better option—and a description of why it’s better.

In my humble opinion, Tasty Top doesn’t taste plastic-y or fake or chemical-laden. It’s a bit rich compared to some soft serve ice creams. There are three flavors, vanilla and chocolate (of course) and black raspberry. Two of my kids (that’s half, by the by) swear by the black raspberry. I’m more chocolate or vanilla or chocolate and vanilla myself. My small gal is chocolate all the way.

Note, if you’ve never been there but plan to go: the servings are gigantic…

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