A Library in Miniature: Tiny Book Show Brings Art Show and Book-Making

A Library in Miniature: Tiny Book Show Brings Art Show and Book-Making

A mobile library of miniature proportions is making its way toward western Massachusetts! The Tiny Book Show, a traveling library of handmade miniature books, will be visiting western Massachusetts on its country-wide tour to showcase a collection of handmade books – all no more than 3 inches tall or wide – created by amateur and expert artists alike from all around the world. A project of New Jersey-based community art organization The Creativity Caravan, The Tiny Book Show is housed and transported in a 1965 Covered Wagon camping trailer, the miniature books nestled together in a similarly miniature former living space.

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The Tiny Book Show will make appearances at three separate locations in Franklin County, offering local families the opportunity to peruse the beautiful handmade books filling the mobile library. Additionally, The Tiny Book Show will be partnering with local community organizations and educational institutions in order to offer book-making workshops, allowing those visiting the library to learn to make their very own original miniature books.  Read the rest of this entry »

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