Welcome Yule 2013: A Midwinter Celebration Shea Theater

Welcome Yule: A Midwinter Celebration Shea Theater in Turners Falls, MA

As art imitates life, the songs, stories and plays in this year’s show highlight the pleasures of passing on the seasonal traditions of family and community. Join the families of Welcome Yule as they sing and dance away winter’s darkness and call back the warmth and light of spring.

The Welcome Yule players will be hosting their annual Midwinter Celebration with delightful music, dance, songs and stories at the Shea Theatre in Turners Falls on December 13th-15th, 2013. This yearly show close to the winter solstice celebrates the return of light at the heart of winter’s darkness.

The Swedish tradition of Santa Lucia Day is featured in this year’s 29th annual production of Welcome Yule. As local wassailers make their way through their English village they invite a newly arrived family from Sweden to take part in the festivities. The English villagers and Swedes share in each others’ customs, songs and dances as they celebrate the light together on the longest night of the year. Traditional carols, wassailing songs, shape-note tunes and Welcome Yule classics will be featured, with plenty of opportunities for audience members to join in the singing. Dancing is also featured, with Swedish couples dances, a Molly Dance, and a perennial favorite, the Abbots Bromley Horn DanceRead the rest of this entry »

Turners Falls Encoded: New QR Walking Tour

Turners Falls Encoded

Turners Falls Encoded is a unique community project in that it offers information that would likely not be accessible otherwise. Families can use Turners Falls Encoded as a way to learn more about their surroundings – brainstorm what and who your community is made up of before scanning any of the codes, and see how your thoughts do or don’t match up with what you find.

Do you ever have questions about your surroundings while you wander through them? Once upon a time, books were the main way of finding answers to the things that we wondered as we wandered. Nowadays, technology has made it such that we can find answers almost immediately – and not just using internet searches! There are apps that can be used to identify plants and trees, search for signs of animals, and identify seasonal changes around us. However, there are fewer apps that can be used to teach us about the parts of our local surroundings that were created by humans. Often, we are left to ponder our questions about the buildings, the businesses, and the infrastructure around us on our own.

Turners Falls Encoded is a new community project that offers easy access to information about the Turners Falls community to anyone using a smart phone. Created by Hampshire College student RJ Sakai and Turners Falls RiverCulture, Turners Falls Encoded is a series of scannable quick response (QR) codes that connect visitors to videos and information about different aspects of the community and the people involved with them. Each code links to a different vignette narrated by community members, explaining what they do and why. Families can learn about everything from dinosaur tracks to recycled goods, and each informational page includes resources for further learning about the topic addressed in the video… Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome Yule: Music, Dance, Songs and Stories to Drive the Dark Away

Welcome Yule: A Midwinter Celebration
Shea Theater in Turners Falls, MA

In the darkest time of the year, people everywhere gather for songs, stories, and celebrations. Welcome Yule: A Midwinter Celebration brings those traditions alive at the Shea Theater December 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2011. This year, a huge polar bear and a fairy tale cast of puppets join the Welcome Yule chorus of adults and children. Stories and dances are interwoven with a mix of traditional English carols, boisterous pub songs, and rousing four-part shape note songs.

In many different cultures, it is traditional to gather together and celebrate around the darkest time of the year. Celebrations of holidays in many different religions and cultures all take place around the winter solstice- it’s a time of year when a strong sense of community is desired and cultivated as a way of tolerating the season together.

Your family can celebrate the season with the community this year at Welcome Yule: A Midwinter Celebration at the Shea Theater in Turners Falls. The show combines music, dance, puppets, songs, and captivating stories to create an upbeat celebration of togetherness that’s great for all ages.

The show tells the story of a village, itself too immersed in the dark of winter, where the community works together to create their own traditions and celebrations.

Shows take place on December 9th and 10th at 7:30pm, and on the 11th at 2pm. For more information on the show and ticket information, visit www.welcomeyule.org.

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