Citizen Scientist Opportunity: Snowtweets

The Snowtweets Project

The simplicity of the collection process for Snowtweets’ data makes the project appropriate for use with kids of all ages!

This winter, turn your family’s snow days into opportunities for citizen science by doing some research for the Snowtweets project! Families can participate easily – and often! – simply by taking measurements of the snow cover wherever they are, and sharing their data via Twitter. A project of researchers at Canada’s University of Waterloo, Snowtweets gathers information from around to globe to aid the work of snow and ice researchers. Paired with satellite-generated data on the snowcover (amount of land with snow on it), Snowtweets information is helping to support researchers in their creation of tools for real-time snowmapping – technology that could someday provide to-the-minute accuracy… Read the rest of this entry »

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