Celebrating the New Year with Your Family in Western MA

Celebrating the New Year

Hilltown Family Variety Show New Year’s Day Peace Episode: A New Year’s Day episode with music about both world and inner peace for the New Year. Music by Babtunde Olatunji, Cat Stevens, Elizabeth Mitchell, Sweet Honey in the the Rock, Michelle Shocked, Pete Seeger and many other amazing musicians. – Story: Fawnie Byer reads “Peace Feather Story” off of Peace in the World Smiling.

It’s the last day of the year! There are a number of community events families can join in today to celebrate the last day of the year while ushering in the new year!


If you’re looking for a fun Parents’ Night Out instead? Check out Popcorn Noir’s Glitter Ball in Easthampton

Other New Year’s Eve highlights include magician David Hall at the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, New Year’s Eve kid-friendly celebration at Chandler’s Restaurant in South Deerfield, celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation in Springfield, and museum adventures at MASS MoCA in North Adams and Old Sturbridge Village.  Find out all the details on these New Year’s Eve happenings HERE.


On New Year’s Day, there are First Day Hikes in Goshen and Pittsfield, and more museum adventures as previously mentioned in North Adams and Sturbridge.  Also, churches throughout the Pioneer Valley will be letting the beautiful sound of bells ring out through the crisp air in remembrance of Lincoln’s landmark policy to end slavery, the Emancipation Proclamation. Come out to hear the bells ring, or celebrate in your own home by ringing bells and learning together about the history surrounding the proclamation and the changes that it brought to the country.

Cool Stuff Happening Over at Elmer’s While Rob Lies Around in Bed All Day and People Have to Bring Him Soup!

Notes from Nan: The Campaign Heats Up!
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati


(Male voice in ominous overtones):

Last week Rob Taft made allegations that Nan Parati was loose with her change.

Rob Taft said that he was “used to dealing with change.”

Well Rob Taft has seen a change all right: Rob Taft went from being a healthy, up-right walking man to a weakling, stricken with the flu. Rob Taft lies around in bed all day and people have to bring him soup. What kind of leader lies in bed all day? A weak leader, that’s what kind.

(Female Cheerful voice):

Nan Parati has had to work all of Rob’s shifts for him for the last two days and no one sees that trend changing! She’ll probably have to work all his shifts for him all the way through February 5th, which incidentally, is voting day!

Vote for Nan Parati for President of the United States! Because, as Rob Taft found out, some change isn’t good!

I’m Nan Parati and I approve this message.


Hey guess what! For Valentine’s Day we’re going to have a special Thursday night dinner on February 14th! (We’ll also have our regularly scheduled dinner on Friday, February 15th, but without the added love.)  Our Valentine’s Day Dinner will be Reservation Only.  Call us at (413) 628-4003 to make your reservations.


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